Studio Director & Head Instructor

Sunshine’s fearless and uncompromising approach to wellness is fuelled by her intimate understanding of the demands of a busy lifestyle and the potential detriment of stress to our health. Her mission: to change inertia into action, delivering positive transformation for body and mind.

A former gymnast, California-girl Sunshine joined the US junior Olympic training team in her teens, before moving into martial arts. She graduated from college with a business degree, segueing into the corporate world for a number of years, before ultimately making a return to her true passions: health and fitness.

A certified power-yoga master instructor and self-defence combat specialist, Sunshine’s commitment to helping her students live a higher quality of life is perfectly in sync with our ‘body. mind. happy.’ philosophy. As studio director and head instructor (and resident global/funk DJ!), Sunshine will guide r.a.w. into the Australian market and oversee and manage all studios.


Known for his energetic, empathetic teaching style, Ben’s classes are characterised by a spiritual bent; incorporating asanas, sound, colour and light to guide his students to an awakened, mindful state.

A Californian native transplanted to Melbourne, Ben’s yoga practice spans more than three decades and a wide array of disciplines (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha and Sivananda). Ben comes to r.a.w. studios ready to lead, excite, and inspire.


Q’s passion for dance and movement have seen him traverse the globe, performing professionally across Europe and America, culminating in his role as a founding member of Dancing Earth, a modern indigenous dance company based in San Francisco.

At 13, Q formed a breakdancing crew and set out on the competitive trail. His exploration of dance eventually lead to his love-affair with capoeira, with its blend of live music, acrobatics and self-defence techniques. Though a seasoned veteran (and a Suzuki trained violinist to boot!), Q’s tireless quest for growth and devotion to his craft mean that he is always seeking to incorporate new technologies and knowledge into his own practice, and his classes.

A key part of the r.a.w. community, Q is driven by the desire to uplift and inspire, and assist others in making positive changes towards a more empowered lifestyle.


Oscar’s osteopathy and health science studies, combined with his training in gymnastics, crossfit, circus, martial arts and Olympic lifting, provide him with a well-rounded, holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Working with clients who span a spectrum of those aiming to reach high-level performance goals, to those seeking good health, or who are injured, Oscar’s approach is one of collaboration and exploration to find the individual strength which he knows to exist in each and every client. We welcome his commitment to success to the r.a.w. studios community.


Chris creatively tailors his classes to ensure the highest level of technique, along with a continual uplift of personal success is observed. Additionally, he is a firm believer that a ‘fun-focused’ path towards wellbeing is imperative to finding a ‘body. mind. happy.’ Balance.

An aspiring professional golfer, with more than 7 years experience as a personal trainer, Chris’ passion for fitness is accompanied by a keen desire for continued learning and growth; evidenced by his teaching style.


Karol's experience with Yoga is a journey into mindful movement and healing for the Soul. Her classes are a nurturing practice of balance, presence and self-love.

Karol is a Yoga and Meditation teacher with over 7 years of practice. Originally from Brazil, she has experienced Yoga and Meditation practices in different sides of the world (in places such as Germany, Brazil, India and Australia). Her classes are designed to support fluidity of movement for all levels of students, encouraging them to reconnect to their own rhythms, nature and flow. Her sessions incorporate breathing techniques, meditation as well as physical postures, and provide a nurturing environment for the students to explore the connections between their bodies, minds and souls.


Dustin’s journey with yoga has been a discovery of enhanced strength, flexibility and increased body awareness, the aggregate blend of which is at the core of his mind/body positivity.

Born in Hawaii, Dustin travelled the world as a professional surfer before settling in Melbourne and founding Warrior One Yoga. A qualified Barkan Method and Acrovinyasa instructor, Dustin’s practice is as much influenced by his Brazilian jiu-jitsu experience (a black belt, no less!) as it is his surfing background.

Dustin’s promise to r.a.w. studios: to deliver a challenging and enlivening experience, always imbued with a calming and uplifting energy.


From professional sports training to fitness, Iain believes in balance. His sessions combine high energy, passion and technique.

Iain Peters has been working in the fitness industry since 2001. He has a vast experience ranging from gyms, outdoor training & boot camps. With a background in different sports, he now specialises in functional mobility and movement through suspension training TRX.